Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Break Time!

So I didn't get my act together in time for Sauti Za Busara 2010 and I don't have an excuse. Pernilla did, and you can get great pictures of Zenj and Busara on her site without having to buy the coffee table book ;) As for me, I offer you some paltry snippets of live music gleaned from last weekend's concert. Clip one is Maia trying to get upper-middle class Tanzanians and expats to show some enthusiasm. Poor woman:

I was going to put up a clip of Thandiswa as well but do you have any idea what it takes to upload video with this internet connection of mine?! Suffice to say, Thandiswa was very very awesome and accompanied by fantastic musicians. Thank goodness for the Busara spillover (and at the door price of a ticket its a damn good thing they offered three performers). The quality of original video clips will hopefully become better over time...

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