Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Elephant in the update.

I wrote about homosexuality in the V-day post because we don't talk about it publicly here in Bongo, let alone voice our support of the gay and lesbian community, and it seemed an opportune time to do so. The intention was to bust the myth that it is all homophobia and 'backwardness' in our African communities, and to convey the sense that there is a core of tolerance that should be fought for and expanded.

It was during this self-same weekend that the minions of evil in Mombasa got the upper hand over reason and human rights. Starting on Thursday and going on through the weekend, several people have been assaulted and arrested for 'being gay' while local religious leaders fan the flames of bigotry. I have read competing eye-witness reports on the events in Mombasa, and what exactly triggered the attacks- some say a wedding, others say the wedding was just a rumor. Beneath the pretexts, it looks as though this a concerted effort involving the religious zealots, the police and some members of the local community. The core issue remains though, that of intolerance, and at this particular moment Mombasa is the warfront. Big up to GALCK and allies- may you win this fight.


  1. Elsie, you're fantastic!

    Someone has to talk about it. (When I did so in Uganda, I got the American missionaries on my back...)

    Keep it up!

  2. yup, glad that you raised it Elsie. There can be great tolerance of different sexualities here, which I learned about 13 years ago and I'm sure i'd be reminded of it if I was to head to lango la jiji this weekend. But considerable intolerance also. These things need to be discussed.

  3. [Peeking out from anti-thought police bunker...] And that makes two! (thanks Pernille and SwahiliStreet). I like that Dar is closer to Cape Town than Nairobi on this issue, and think we left-leaning yakkers should strive to keep it that way.


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