Monday, April 11, 2011

And in Other News: The Establishment is Up To Something. Aren't They Always?

Yes, I was prodded recently by someone about the abrupt and unexpected resignation of the CCM Central Committee and its recent reformation. I do, in fact, have an opinion or three about it but guess what? I am practicing my newly-mastered skill of restraint.

Okay, the truth is: I think it's too early for me to tell. Sometime ago I realized that the frenetic pace of constant reactions to breaking and current news stories doesn't allow for me to see the forest for the trees. In this case, I just don't have the foggiest clue what CCM is really, really up to. I'm not sure if they even have a nefarious plan in action. I'm not even certain which is the "They" to refer to in this case- the ones with their fingers in the control panel. Evidently something has happened. The dust hasn't settled yet.

I have some suspicions, and a few notions based on having observed some of the behaviors of certain folks. I'd venture that it's looking cautiosly optimistic from where I stand, although one has to be careful about being optimistic about The Establishment. I could do with a bit more research to think things through. So in the interest of keeping my foot out of my mouth (who likes the taste of mud) I think I'll just sit on this for a while and let it marinate. It's not like they are going anywhere, is it :)

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