Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Report Pres Jakaya Kikwete for Spam :)

No, I didn't. But it was one tempting click away...

My Lady of the Concerned Smiles dropped by with a bag of hyper-tasty oranges from one of her friend's farms, plus news that Halima Mdee (Chadema) is going to run for the Kawe parliamentary seat.

Cough. cough. Huuuuurghgghgh! ptuh. Excuse me. All good, thanks for asking. The pneumonianthraxallergy is being contained. Where was I?

Oh yeah, so we spent a wonderful hour or so fantasizing about how we are going to vote this bright young woman in and she was going to slay all the female oppressing legislation single-handedly. Very exciting dream. I can't confirm this because at the moment I am living under a rock like a grumpy scorpion, and I can't find the damn article online. Just take my word for it with a hefty pinch of salt and I'll get back to you about The Kawe MP Question.

But while I was swirling around the intertubes looking for a link, I checked my email only to see that... Sweet matoke, the Kikwete Kampaign has found The Twitter? This is an interesting development. The kind in which a long and erudite essay lurks about eMedia, politics, cult of personality, emergent economies, democracy, electoral strategies and the role of 'me also!' in The New Tanzania. Do yourself a favor and check out Kikwete2010 on The Twitter so you can observe The Establishment's spin dexterity first hand.

Also, I found a new friend: love the way this guy's mind works.


  1. lol Jay kay on twitter. so had to go check it out. i can see you have already been warned to not SPAM. its not that he needs a great PR team. he needs to just get his act together and do what he was hired to do "which is to run the country". why cant we be original, this new campaign strategy is just a "copy paste of Obama's. i mean who are they targetting seeing that most Tanzanians dont twitter unless things have changed kule vijijini

  2. targeted advertizing! was reading his plan for after he gets reelected and one of his big goals is to build a sizeable Tanzanian middle class. So one must access the crackberry class on The Twitter.


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